NFL Preview

NFL Preview
With the NFL season weeks away, fantasy football players are bursting with enthusiasm, as preseason games are just a few days away. Let’s quickly look at some of the teams that expect to be in the playoff hunt in the NFC, and some of the major moves teams have made this season.
Let’s take a look at the always-competitive NL East to begin with. Most expect the division to go to the Cowboys, Eagles, or Giants, with the Redskins being an aftermath, and not in the same class as the others. Adding to the excitement to the rivalries among these teams is the fact that star running back Demarco Murray darted out of Dallas to join the Philadelphia brass. Animosity already rampant amongst these two teams, there is even more added fuel to the fire.

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American League East

With the highly anticipated baseball trade deadline behind us, lets briefly analyze the American League east.  I apologize for not being absent with my blog posts. I have been having computer issues until I got my PC fixed here.

Lets first look at the American League east, where the Yankees look like the Yankees of the 90’s, with power in the lineup from the top to the bottom of the lineup.  The pitching isn’t on the same level as the hitting, but is doing the job.  CC Sabathia is a pedestrian pitcher now, not playing up to his monstrous contract, but Michael Pineda, though now injured, has been a revelation, while Masahiro Tanka has continued to be the ace we saw dominates last year with that blistering splitter being virtually unhittable.

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Tennis Blog


The past year we have seen some riveting tennis.  On the men’s side, it seemed as if Novak Djokovic was unbeatable.  Even with the likes current legends on tour, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Andy Murray.  Similar dominance occurred on the women’s side as Serena Williams approached this past Wimbledon with the hopes of her second “Serena Slam.”  Sure there were upsets here and there, but the big names didn’t fall.  And then came the French Open, the biggest clay tournament held at the legendary venue Roland Garros.  All the big names produced monster wins, surely preparing to meet in the semi finals.  Serena did her thing, crushing the clay specialist Carla Suarez Navarro in the finale.  In a highly anticipated semi final, Novak took on the “King of Clay”, Rafael Nadal, and to the surprise of many, ousted him quite comfortably.  Many expected Nadal to be the man to stop Novak, thus most did not expect what happened next.

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Vegas’s NFL Total Wins Over/Under Picks

Here are my picks for the regular season win totals in the NFL.  I just moved to Atlanta, but I am not partial to the Falcons just yet.  I am encountering everything Peach Tree, right down to the name of the moving company that got us here safely.  Speaking of spending time moving to Atlanta, I did not have a lot of time to explain my picks other than a quick blurb. I will get more in-depth in later posts:

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Why Roger Goodell Will Overturn Tom Brady Ruling


Roger Goodell is in a very tough situation.  He will come out of the decision as the bad guy no matter what the outcome is.  The NFL appeal process is an odd one due to the fact that the same person that gave the punishment is in charge of handling the appeal of that very punishment.

Let’s face it, Tom Brady is not a widely-loved player outside of the Patriot fan base.  Which is odd to me considering he is one of the biggest underdog stories in sports history, not to mention NFL.  This a 4-time champion was almost undrafted and rose to the top with amazing determination.  There is a great 30 for 30 on his story that is a must-see.

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NFL 2015 Season Preview: 5 Teams to Watch For

American Football Game Action Photo

These are the 5 teams that we here at the blog feel will have a break out season even though they struggled in 2014.  We also put aside our laziness momentarily to tell you why these teams will make a big recovery.

1. Miami Dolphins

Everyone is hyping their already stout defense getting the addition of Ndamukong Suh.  But one of the most underrated young quarterbacks in the league (second to Bridgewater) is Tannehill.  Look at these trends:

2012- 12TD … 13INT … 76.1QBR

2013- 24TD … 17INT … 81.7QBR

2014- 27TD … 12INT … 92.8QBR

This is the definition of a young quarterback quietly making a name for himself. I like the Dolphins to possibly take the division from the Patriots this year.

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